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what are pheromones?

Pheromones are strong mind-directing odors released every day by a huge variety of animals on our planet, including ants, deer, many other animals including humans. For example, you are releasing pheromones as you read this - you've been told all your life that it was "body odor" and that you should do away with it in the form of showers (which still come recommended).

Mammals such as ourselves use pheromones for at least two aspects of life that have been millions of years in the making: sexual attraction and perception of power.

Have you ever been told you smell great (especially from a member of the opposite sex), even though you weren't wearing any cologne or perfume? Your body was likely giving off an excess of pheromones. This happens especially often when you sweat, which is why healthy men and women know that many dates are first sparked at the gym, when tensions are low, energy is high, and both sexes feel far less inhibited...for a reason.

The pheromones that are referred to on this site, Human Pheromone Reviews, are chemically synthesized sprays available for sale. These new human pheromones have evolved from the wasteful, mindless "novelty" perfumes and colognes of the 1990's into products that are legitimate and very potent.

do pheromones work?

In short, yes, but unfortunately, most pheromones don't work because they are scam products. You'll see a lot of sites that look exactly like this one claiming the same title of authenticity as us, but only I tell you exactly what's going on under the hood of my site!

Do you really feel perfectly happy with what nature has given you? If so, feel free to move on to vastly more challenging topics. =) Otherwise, you're probably the same as me: you have a need for additional, external human pheromones to supplement your body's natural ones to gain an edge back in modern society.

Scientific research about pheromones in the last ten years has been active. Many effects of pheromones have been tested and documented - in fact, it's becoming somewhat of a phenomenon. Finally, some human pheromones research articles have also been featured in leading news sources. You can find more about this on our pheromones evidence / pheromones research page.

Guys - Imagine walking up to a group of girls and introducing yourself - you just applied some pheromone cologne. They are just somewhat nice at first - and then you begin to notice how they stare at you and are literally unable to understand what you are trying to say. Drool may even begin to pool at the edges of their lips. All they you. You find yourself unable to choose which available attractive girl to flirt with...

Girls - Let's say a guy just met you, and you want him to take you out for a night on the town - he's a rich hottie, and you normally don't even get talked to by men like this, so you don't want to blow it. Since you had some pheromone perfume handy, he is be entirely unable to keep you off of his mind, after the night is over. The sleepy, dreamy feeling of lust would be the only thing running through his thoughts for at least the following week. No more one-night-stand jerks - boys will feel compelled to align with you mentally, not just physically.

this is reality!

Everyone's story differs, of course, and there are always other things you can do for yourself, other than enhancing your own human pheromones, to increase the opposite sex's attraction - but synthesized human pheromones remain the fastest and easiest of them all. Note: I recommend exercise, meditation, and a balanced, healthy lifestyle for best results in any relationships, though.

If you still aren't a believer in human pheromones, I can't blame you, when I first heard about pheromones, the whole concept seemed totally bogus: I was actually pretty angry. But this site was started with helping people find joy in their lives, and I'd be sad if you passed something amazing up just because of some deep level of skepticism (which I share down to every aspect of myself). Remember, I use these pheromone sprays myself, too! I do not recommend what I don't use.

After that, feel free to check out the reviews on all of the very best human pheromones available - including our top human pheromone choice for guys, as well as girls! To see the ratings and reviews, click here.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy your stay, and remember...keep an open mind.

Human Pheromone Reviews

An independent pheromone study group that is frustrated with all the gray-area information on the web available about pheromones, Human Pheromone Reviews wishes to give people the absolute truth about human pheromones.



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